How Sweet
Became Sweeter
in 2007

Since 2007, the three of us have delivered more than 105,000 pieces of candy to orphanages in the region, decorated in bags with messages of love and hope.

In 2007 the idea for Project Sweet Tooth was born. We were in Grade 1 and Pre School and had just returned from a trip to Indonesia where we saw countless children who looked as though they did not have many treats in life. From the year earlier, we both recalled our giant bags of Halloween candy, most of which we never finished and was eventually thrown out. We asked our parents if we could bring the extra candy to Indonesia if we visited again the next year and give them away instead of throwing them away.

That year with the support of our school, United World College, we created Project Sweet Tooth. We were overwhelmed with the number of children who also donated large amounts of candy they had collected. The very first year hundreds of decorated bags from the school children were delivered to us. We employed the help of adult volunteers to help us sort, and repack the candy in the decorated bags. We took more than 750 individually packed bags of candy to orphans in Indonesia in that first year.

Madeline, Olivia and Beatrice collecting decorated bags destined for refugee children in Europe - 2015


Please help us to continue this tradition of giving.

Madelline and sisters

Project Sweet Tooth was the first initiative of its kind in Asia. We hope that it serves as a model to show that any idea for sharing and compassion, even that of a child’s, can grow to touch the lives of many.

Today we are 16, 14 and 11 and have learned a lot during this journey.

We learned about the power of the individual. How a little, collected from many, becomes a mountain when measured as a whole, and that so many people look for opportunities to help if asked. We learned to work as a team and how to build a community. Our little sister has now joined us in this Project Sweet Tooth community.

Most of all we learned that anything is possible with love. We do not suggest that your children join in Halloween festivities for the sake of collecting candy, we merely want to teach children who do participate to share something they have in abundance and learn to help someone in need.

Signature of the children

Madeline Safavi

Olivia Safavi

Beatrice Safavi